Does God give us anything we want?

When I go to Walmart sometimes I see small kids asking for things from their parents. They may want a piece of candy a new toy from the toy aisle or whatever else their little hearts desire. Their parent does not want to spoil them says sorry I can’t get that for you. You as a parent may have experienced something similar with your children. Thirty minutes before dinner you child comes up to you and says “could I have some ice cream.” You have to say, “sorry you will spoil your dinner.”

Today’s Gospel speaks about asking, seeking, knocking and that the Lord will respond to our seeking for him. It can be easy though to think God will be like a vending machine whatever we ask him he will give to us. Our Father in heaven is generous to us, but that doesn’t mean he will give us everything. I remember a scene from Bruce Almighty. Bruce hears voices in his head, and these are the prayers. First, he puts them in file cabinets, and he can’t get around, then posted notes it covers everything. Then an email but he has over a million to go over. Overwhelmed he says I’ll say yes to everything. This makes everything go into chaos as thousands of people win the lottery and so many other things.

I don’t believe this is how God answers our prayers, a simple yes or no, but rather he gives us good things that will help us serve him and his Church. If you ask “God help me win the lottery.” He probably will say no, but he may bless us in other ways.

In our prayer we should ask God for patience, purity, humility and other good things. If we ask for this, we shall receive it. May we trust in what God has in store for us and what he wants to give us in this life!

Cover Image: Adobe Stock Mikkel Bigandt

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