Oath of Fidelity

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My Bulletin article

In preparation for my priestly ordinationthis coming May, I am required to do several things and one of those major steps is occurring this weekend at the 4pm Mass. The Church requires that men or women entering into certain ministries profess their faith before either the bishop or one of his delegates. In this case,Fr. Paul as Chancelloris a delegate of the bishop. At the seminaryI attended, any time a new teacher was brought on, especially if he was teaching matters of faith, heor she would do the same before the rector of the seminary. Any man moving forward to Holy Orders is required to do the same thing. I normally would do all of this at the seminary, butbecause of my internship here before my ordination,I’m doing it here at the parish.

 First I will make a profession of faith. I will say “I, Timothy Andrew Grimes, with firm faith, believe and profess each and everything that is contained in the symbol of faith namely.” Then I will continue on with the profession of faith. You will notice that after this I will say three additional items not normally professed in our creed.If you want to read the textI will be using, you can search “Catholic Oath of Fidelity” on Google and click on the link from the Vatican website.

I will put it as simply as I can what these three paragraphs contain. I will profess my faith in what is handed on in the scriptures, what the Church teaches, and accept what the Pope teaches along with the bishops of the Catholic Church. Without going into much detail I think an analogy might help explain what I’m saying. I think of the Church as a wise teacher from whom I am learning. Why do I believe what she is teaching? Because she has shown me that what she is handing down to me is trustworthy, is the truth and is without error. As a priest I will  hand this teaching on as well. While I may have my own opinions on certain matters, the Church wants me to make clear that I will hand on faithfully what the Church has handed on as the truth, primarily found in the creed and what the Church has taught through the centuries. 

SecondI will saythe Oath of Fidelity. I begin by stating my name and what I’m about to take on-the priesthood. The best way I can explain this is that by my actions what I do and say will work to keep myself in communion with the Church. I truly believe that Jesus founded the Church and it is my duty to keep myself and others in communion with it. After I make this statement I will place my hand on the book of the Gospels- the book you see me carry in at every Sunday Mass. Then I will say, “So help me God, and God’s Holy Gospels on which I place my hand.” I finish by signing the oath and Fr. Paul will witness to my action by signing it as well. 

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