St. Lawrence Deacon and Martyr

Today is an important feast for Deacons, one of the earliest known Deacons of the Church and a saint who is mentioned in the Roman Canon (Eucharistic Prayer I). One aspect of his story really sticks out to me; after the Martyrdom of Pope Saint Sixtus II, the prefect of the city demanded that Lawrence hand over the treasures of the Church, which was known to be vast. So Lawrence over the next three days he gathers all the poor, the sick, the suffering who were cared for by the Church. He brought them before the prefect and told them these are the treasures of the Church. He would be martyred after this showing slowly burned to death over a fire. He is quoted saying this:


(Credit Catholic Memes)

I will only be Deacon Tim till next May God willing, but I will always be a Deacon and will always serve God as a Deacon. My prayer is that I can have the same heart for the poor that St. Lawrence did in my own Diaconate and Priesthood.

St. Lawrence, pray for us!

(Credit for story: Pictorial Lives of the Saints)

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