St. John Chrysostom on this Wekeends readings

To give you a taste of my upcoming homily this weekend, here is the qoute which inspired my homily this weekend. A beautiful one from St. John Chrysostom one of the most important early Church fathers.

Have you understood? When the disciples entreated him the Lord put them off but when the woman herself cried out begging for this favor he granted it. And, at the beginning, when she first made her request, he did not answer, but after she had come to him once, twice, and a third time, he gave her what she desired.
By this he was teaching us that he had withheld the gift not to drive her away, but to make that woman’s patience an example for all of us.
(John Chrysostom, Homily on Phillipians 1:18, 12-13; trans. in E. Barnecutt, pp. 116-117)
Also check out, Mass readings explained, by Dr. Pitre. Some of my sunday homily ideas come from these vidoes, it is excellent.
St. John Chrysostom Bishop and Doctor of the Church, pray for us!

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