Mistaken Identity Book Review

Before I get into this review, I just want to mention that I may start to discuss some books, movies, tv shows, etc. on my blog just to share my thoughts they are going to be more casual in nature but just something to keep the blog alive and active. Once I leave my parish assignment here there isn’t going to be much to post about outside of what I’m come up with, so this is an idea to keep it active.

But I just finished reading Mistaken Identity by Lisa Scottoline, and I would like to give a brief book review of this legal thriller.

To put it simply this book another book in the series about Rosato and associates and eventually becomes Rosato and Dinunzio, slight spoilers may be ahead, but I’ll try and avoid mentioning them.

This book focuses around Rosato as she meets a potential client who has a shocking claim, she is her twin. This twin is accused of murdering her boy friend a cop, with the trail only a couple weeks away Bennie Rosato is forced to quickly come up with a legal defense. She will begin to discover a conspiracy theory that could possibly involve the judge too.

I really enjoyed it not the best of the series, but it was a good read. Some books I read are so engaging I don’t want to put it down, this never got to that point. The end was a little bit underwhelming as it just kinda ended with lame attempts to wrap up the story. The big reveal at the end was just kinda meh.

One element that I like about these books is they have Catholic nuggets mixed in all over the place. It gives a few laughs because of that.

As a book by itself, it is ok, but I’m really into this series as you can see by my Goodreads list. So I guess I give it a 3.5 out of 5 stars.


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