The small ways God speaks to us

This morning we heard an interesting Gospel of how these little children asked people to do things but they didn’t do it. What I’m reminded of is Tolkien (yes Lord of the Rings made my homily!) and how he focused on the small characters, making them key players in the story. For example, the hobbits are the most insignificant figures in his universe. They have never fought any wars they are far away from Mordor, etc. To put it simply no-one would think that a hobbit would do anything significant in middle earth. But of-course a hobbit is the one to take down Sauron and destroy the ring. (I hope I didn’t spoil it for you but it’s been out long enough and popular enough you should know this story.)

I believe the Lord is showing us something similar in today’s Gospel. He speaks to us in small ways, with a whisper he speaks to us in small ways. I know I can keep myself distracted with all the great technology we have in the world today, but sometimes I need to let those things go for a time so I can hear God’s small voice. I hope you aren’t like Sauron and do notice the small ways God speaks to us in our lives. Find time to be silent before God’s presence so you can hear his voice.

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