Update on my Journey

Sorry, the blog has been inactive as of late. The busy life of seminary makes it difficult to update this blog. But Now I’m at a parish and will update this blog from time to time. I graduated from Notre Dame Seminary this past May. The Diocese has assigned me to Ascension of our Lord and St. Francis of Assisi in Donaldsonville, LA. I will also be assisting at Our Lady of Prompt Succor in White Castle. Each man’s journey to the priesthood is unique, and this is indeed true in my life. This year’s assignment is some of my last steps towards the priesthood. I don’t have an ordination date yet, that’s up to Bishop-Elect Duca, but that should be by next May. While I’m at this parish, I will continue to post my homilies, reading reflections, and now bulletin articles. Look for posts to start coming up within days of this post. Continue to keep me in prayer as I continue my journey to the priesthood.

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