God Gives us the Grace we Need to Follow Him

This weekend was my first to preach at Ascension of Our Lord. While I’m here in Donaldsonville, I will be preaching every weekend in preparation for the Priesthood. I will try and post my homily with a summary by Monday Morning. Please Enjoy!


Summary: While I’ve been here in Donaldsonville Louisiana I’ve come to discover the importance shown to praying the rosary. Some time ago I asked God in prayer, “Lord help me increase my devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary.” Recently in my prayer, God answered this prayer, even though I forgot I asked for it. God reminded me through this prayer of the importance of trusting in him, and how much he pours his grace out on. me

This weekend’s Gospel speaks about the first mission of the Apostles. They go out with a walking stick, only the clothes on their back and some sandals. The Apostles had to put their complete faith in Jesus and his grace. Despite being fishermen and tax collectors, they were successful. St Paul put it well, “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in Christ with every spiritual blessing in the heavens.” God gave the Apostles the blessing they needed to fulfill their mission.

In our own lives of faith, our call to follow Christ can be difficult. But just like he did with the apostles, he gives us the grace we need to follow him and to grow in holiness. In prayer this week spend time asking these questions: “how is my relationship with the Lord?” “do I trust in God?” “what is my prayer life like, do I ask God for the things I need.” God has answered many prayers and will continue to answer those prayers so we can be with him for all eternity in heaven!

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