Meet my Family!

As I’m getting to know the people of Ascension and St. Francis I wanted to introduce the people to my family. So if you don’t know me that well or my family check the bulletin article bellow.

Both my brother and I were born and raised in Baton Rouge, but the same cannot be said for both of my parents. Both of my parent’s come from different parts of the country and moved here before having my brother and I. My mom, Jan Grimes came from a small town in northwest Ohio called Columbus Grove. She was the oldest of six, four brothers and one sister. My Grandpa, Mom’s dad still lives near that small town in Ohio, his first wife, my Grandma, passed away before I was born and when my brother was very young. After her death he remarried, they have now been married for 25 years


My Family.jpg
My Family: Dad Bill, Mom Jan, Brother Jonathan, Sister in Law Lori, and her daughter Lili
My Ohio Family!.jpg
Some of My Mom’s Family: Tom, Bill, Ken, Grandma Rita and Grandpa Bill.

My Dad was born and raised in Fayetteville North Carolina, he grew up with one sister who still lives in North Carolina. My Grandmother, still living, lives in Fayetteville. My Grandfather passed away in 2011 the year I entered the seminary. I am close with both sets of grandparents and make a trip there every year to see them.

My Dad's Family.jpg
My Dad’s Family: Frankel (Deceased) Francis and my Aunt Liz

My parent’s met in college, both were in School in Cincinnati studying at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music or CCM. They married each other in Cincinnati when they were both in their 20s. Eventually, they moved to Rochester New York, where my Dad studied at the Eastman School of Music, one of the top schools of music in the country. Then in the 1980s my Dad got a Job offer from LSU and moved to Baton Rouge. Soon after they had my brother, and in 1990 I was born as their second child.

Both of my parents have worked at LSU 30+ years and now are both retired. My Mom was a Piano Teacher at the School of Music, focusing on Collaborative Piano. Collaborative Piano is playing Piano alongside a soloist, usually a singer, or instrumentalist. My Dad was the head of the Jazz Department and taught Jazz Bass. He also taught for many years Jazz History. Some of you may have even taken his class! My brother works at the Art’s Council of Baton Rouge, and he and his wife play in a Band called after 8. They play multiple times a week, at restaurants, weddings, and even L’Auberge Casino. My brother has one stepdaughter in high school, and they live in Gonzales.

Both of my parents are busy in retirement. Three times a month they go to Plaquemine to play for the Masses at St. John. My Mom was diagnosed with Parkinson’s a few years ago, but now she and her doctor are making talks about how they are working together and playing together to help my Mom live a good life! My Mom’s Doctor was a music student at LSU before becoming a Doctor, and my Mom Played her Recital! She was recently featured by the Davis Phinney Foundation for Parkinson’s. You can find a link to this article on my blog My Dad in his retirement spends most of his time in his wood shop, making tables, cutting boards, and even making a murphy bed!

I’ve been blessed to have the family I have, and I know they will come to visit me a lot while I’m here in Donaldsonville, I hope you get the chance to meet them soon!

Grandpa and Me!.jpg
Grandpa and Myself after my Ordination

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