Come follow me and I will make you fishers of men!

At my previous assignment as a Deacon, I would post reflections based on my daily homily. I haven’t done that yet, but I wanted to share with you what I preached this morning at Mass!

A couple of years ago I went fishing with some seminary friends of mine went down to a camp near Cocodrie. We began to fish, and we didn’t catch anything. We even went to a spot where you find a lot, no luck. It seemed no fish were taking the bait that weekend. The next morning I go out again, not expecting to catch anything. I cast my line on the side of the deck not hoping to find anything, and my line gets a firm tug. I reel in the fish, and I finally caught one! I discovered where they are hiding. As an inexperienced fisherman, I was excited. We found a few more and cleaned them later that day.

my fish.jpg
One of the Fish I caught!


Luke tells us a fishing story today too. The apostles fished all night and caught nothing, but then Jesus told them to go into the deep and throw your net again. This time they bring in a massive catch of fish, so many their boat takes on water. Jesus asks them to follow him and leave everything behind because now they will be catching men.

As a Church, we continue this mission and cast out our nets to catch more for God’s kingdom. Sometimes we may not bring in many people; our efforts may seem wasted. Our Lord calls us to continue to cast out our nets into the world. Through his grace, we will build up God’s kingdom if we continue to fish for men.

My challenge to all of us is never grow discouraged, or give up the effort of evangelization. Continue to pray the rosary for the conversion of souls, offer up masses for family or friends who may have drifted away from the Church. Like my friends and I, we may not catch anything right away, but if we keep trying we will build up God’s kingdom!

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