The Triumph of the Cross​

Today is one of my favorite feasts of the year. Our Lord’s glorious cross on which he won our salvation we celebrate today. It’s a historic day for me, the first time I served as an altar server at the Abby Church. I was thurifer or the one who carries the incense for Mass. I was nervous, so nervous the chains where shaking :/. A couple of my favorite music related to this day are

1) The Royal Banners Forward Go

2) My Song is Love Unkown – Kings College

my two favorite verses from this one

Sometimes they strew his way,
And his sweet praises sing;
Resounding all the day
Hosannas to their King
Then ‘crucify’
Is all their breath
and For his death
They thirst and cry

4(missing in this version)
Why, what hath my Lord done?
What makes this rage and spite?
He made the lame to run,
He gave the blind their sight
Sweet injuries!
Yet they at these
Themselves displease
and ‘gainst him rise.

3) When I Survey the Wondrous Cross

4) Not my favorite hymns but how can you not love King’s College version of it!

Where you there?


It’s incredible a device meant to bring pain suffering and death can be a sign of the triumph of our Lord’s resurrection.


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