A reflection in the Mountains

This past weekend I was on vacation with my family in North Carolina. We stayed in the Mountains of North Carolina near Ashville. One day we wanted to travel up the blue ridge parkway. A scenic route that is over 450 miles long covering North Carolina and Virginia. We went up to a visitor center that was about 5800 feet above sea level. I saw a trail that said it was about .5 miles long should be easy. Well, I started to climb, and the slope was brutal. I don’t know how to explain it other than giving you numbers, the half-mile trail went up about 450 feet in elevation. This of climbing up a 40 story building that is about how much I went up! As I climbed part of me wanted to turn around and say I’m done, but something inside me motivated me to get to the top. I thought this is a good analogy for our lives of faith. In our lives we try to improve in something, could be prayer, going to Mass more often, being more involved at church, or being a better person doing our best to avoid sin. Our faith lives can be a climb and exhausting at times, but if we tell ourselves I can make it up there, eventually, with God’s grace, we will. I’m glad to be back at the parish I missed being there and look forward to the time ahead!


Note: pictures to be added later today

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