The Three Pillars of Lent Part 1

As a part of my bulletin article for the weekend, I wrote on the importance of penance during Lent. I will post that article here and expand on it myself over these last few days before we begin Lent.

                Lent is finally here can you believe it! As we all know soon, we will have to give up something for all of Lent. We all know that we are asked to give up something during Lent. I remember myself giving up things like chocolate for lent or something similar. However, I suggest that Lent should be more than just finding things to give up so when someone asks “what are you doing for Lent.” You can say I’m giving up coffee, chocolate, sweets, etc. The Church gives us three practices to focus on during lent to do penance. That is Prayer, Fasting, Almsgiving. Except for Meat on Friday and Ash Wednesday and Good Friday, may your Lenten penance your own. Think of it as a way to grow in your relationship with God!

                Prayer: Maybe the most essential and many times forgotten aspect of Lent. It doesn’t have to be much, have you prayed a rosary recently? If you haven’t, pray a Decade or even an entire rosary daily. Do you attend daily Mass? Try and go to daily mass once a week during Lent. Do you read the scriptures daily? Read scripture.

Here are some ideas that you could pick up for prayer.

  • Read the scripture on a daily basis.
  • Find a book that allows you to read the bible in a year.
  • Read the Daily Mass readings.
  • Find a daily devotional book for Lent.
  • Pray a rosary
  • Pray a divine mercy chaplet.
  • Many other options.

Tomorrow I will post my first of two on fasting. Keep an eye out for it.

Cover Image From Adobe Stock, Author: © duncanandison

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