The Three Pillars of Lent Part IIa

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Part I

We will look at Fasting in two different posts. Keep in mind today, Sunday you should not be fasting, and if you are reading this before lent enjoy Mardis Gras!

First, the Church provides us requirements of fasting during the season of Lent. Ash Wednesday and Good Friday have a specific fasting practice we are asked to do. Eat one regular size meal and two smaller meals that aren’t larger than the proper size meal. Think about it this way if your average lunch is 1500 calories, for your other two meals you can eat up to 750 for each meal but not more. You don’t have to count calories, but for breakfast, if you usually eat eggs, grits, or other things, have a small bowl of cereal instead. For Lunch, especially if you are at work, eat a simple sandwich or even a PBJ. Then for Dinner eat what you usually would, except meat, but don’t eat to excess. Avoid eating meat on Fridays. Everyone between the age of 18 and 59 is bound to follow the Ash Wednesday and Good Friday fasting requirements. I would suggest even if you are not in this age range that you still practice this fast. Anyone dealing with a medical condition who can’t fast is exempt.

A reminder from Archbishop Gregory Aymond

Archbishop Gregory Aymond’s letter in response to a request to eat alligator on a Friday in Lent. Credit: Archdiocese of New Orleans. (additional Credit:

Cover photo credit: Adobe Stock © nadianb

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