The Three Pillars of Lent Part IIb

Part I, Part IIa

Fasting: The question everyone gets is what are you giving up for Lent. However, this is only a portion, but a good portion of fasting during Lent. I’m picking something that I enjoy doing, but has at times gotten in the way of my relationship with God in prayer. Feel free to ask me what that is. Another question I hear is, do I have to follow my practice on Sunday’s? It is up to you. There can be a blessing in going 40 days fasting from that one thing. However, Sunday is a feast day meaning that we are not obligated to fast. There are two additional days that one can feast instead of fast. March 19th is the Solemnity of St. Joseph, as a Church we will have the St. Joseph Altar on March 24th. Secondly, March 25th is the Solemnity of the Annunciation. Again it is up to you if you want to fast on those days, but most in the Church will be feasting.

Some ideas for what to fast from.

  • Certain food you eat on a regular basis, morning snack from the coffee shop, your late night munchies, I could list 100. Think of something you would struggle not eating on a daily basis.
  • Drinks you probably shouldn’t be drinking. I don’t mean in a sinful way but things that are not healthy for you. Diet drinks, soft drink (or coke, soda or pop, or whatever you may call them.)
  • Non-food or drink items that distract you. Reducing phone use, keeping your phone out of your bed while you sleep. deleting distracting games on your phone (candy crush?)
  • Entertainment. Watch multiple hours of Netflix every night? maybe cut back or even cut it out entirely
  • Physical fasts, cold showers, rock in your shoe, sleep on the floor, I haven’t done these before but I’ve heard some have.

One last note, don’t get discouraged if you fail on this day 3 or even hour 2. Reset the fast and start it again. Jesus doesn’t demand perfection for your Lenten fast, he wants to see you make the effort. Strive to do it perfectly but when you can’t Jesus will be there for you!

Side note Happy Lundi Gras!

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