The Psalms and our Lives

          Every Friday morning I pray with Psalm 51 the psalm we just heard recited at Mass this morning. What I particularly enjoy about the psalms is that they can and do relate to our lives. When we pray the Psalms we are not only reading words from a page. However we are coming in touch with the psalmist, who sinned against God and is asking for his mercy and forgiveness. The Psalms were written to be timeless to be applied to any situation at any time during someone’s life. Psalm 51 for us can be a psalm we pray when we notice that we sin, that we pray before going to confession.

          I know for me sometimes I turn my back on God and put other things before him, and I struggle with sin that I especially need God’s mercy and forgiveness for. I’m going to challenge myself to not only pray this on Friday mornings, but when I realize I’ve sinned and turned my back on God, I will open up the scriptures to Psalm 51 and pray it almost as I wrote it myself. Praying with the scriptures in this way can be powerful and help us to grow in our relationship with God. God shows us his mercy through this psalm, may we pray with it whenever we need his mercy and forgiveness.

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