God’s Gaurentee always delievers.

Do you guys remember Billy Mays? The Oxiclean man? I always remember that his commercials were highly enthusiastic and if you weren’t careful they draw you into buying his product. It seems now of days infomercials as they call them are all over the place and they seem to be advertising things that at-least to me looks too good to be true. Maybe they work I don’t know, their pitches never work on me.

But as you know the guarantee they try and sell you will never be full proof, will never always work. However, today’s readings give us a guarantee that we can trust in that will never fail and be full proof. Both the first reading and the psalm echo each other. The one who believes in the Lord is like a tree planted near running water.

Now if you have been coming to our Screwtape letter class, you probably know that it may not always seem that way. However, the readings challenge us to persevere when it looks like we are not producing like a tree by flowing water. Ultimately we see that in the Gospel. Lazarus a poor man, who sat at the door and begged was taken up by the angels to heaven. God’s guarantees for us don’t act like an infomercial or work as quickly as they claim OxiClean works. However, as we can see from Lazarus God will deliver on his guarantee and bring us salvation.

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