God responds to our requests

Sometimes I wish God would respond as he does in today’s Gospel. As we can see God responds to the royal official, who has a sick child immediately. He noticed the exact time Jesus said; “you may go, your son will live.” His son was healed, Jesus didn’t need to go see him, and his father didn’t need to be in his presence.

For me, I’ve asked many things to God in prayer, and it can seem like they aren’t answered immediately. I believe though if we take the time to pay attention to how God works in our lives, we can see him answering the prayers we bring before him. A priest once suggested to me and some of my classmates to take some time in prayer and write down requests at that time you have. Put it in an envelope and about a year from that date open it again and see how God responded.  I haven’t taken the time to do it since he suggested, but I may try it. However, without doing this simple activity, I know God responds to me in prayer. I can give you countless examples when I can say wow God really answered my prayer. May we trust that God answers our prayers and go to him with loving trust as a son or daughter does to their parents.

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