Senior’s Last Mass

Trust Fall

Seniors I’m sure you remember the trust fall that we did at your senior retreat? I’m grateful for you who were in my group let me as well do the trust fall. I can tell you that I got some surprising responses from my friends when I showed them what I did.

It wasn’t something easy to do, and I know it was kind of scary. What if a bee came and scared away all of us and you were falling to the ground. If I froze and couldn’t get myself to fall back, you had to take a chance and face your fears and fall back.

We are in Holy Week right now, and we are preparing to remember The passion and death of our Lord. While the trust fall was nothing like what our Lord went through what he was going through he had to trust in his father that through his passion and death he would save the world. He had to believe that his Father’s will would come to pass and through his death on the cross he would bring resurrection to the world.

          As you likely know this is the last time this student body will be together as a whole for Mass. We still have a couple more school masses this year, but this is the last one we have with our seniors. The seniors are about to take their next step and graduate from Ascension and move onto college and take up more independence.

In my own life, I’m about to make a similar step and enter the priesthood. This is only going to happen two weeks after you seniors graduate and only a couple days after the school year ends for y’all. I’ll be entering into uncharted waters and it will be like that trust fall. I need to place my trust in God knowing he will be back there for me to catch me and guide me as I enter into the priesthood.

          We will all have to face these difficult times as our Lord did in his passion. We are going forward to something that we don’t know what will happen to have to trust in those support systems we do. What we can have to do is trust in our Lord and trust in the will that he has for our lives. Jesus had to trust in the Father when he faced his passion and death. He had to trust the Father’s will when Judas betrayed him.

I truly believe that God has something great in store for all of you seniors that if you trust in him even in the difficult times even in the dark times that God will bring you goodness and happiness in this life.

What I want to challenge you especially is to not forget about the support that the Church can give to you. For me when I was at LSU being involved at the Catholic Student center helped me to remain involved in my faith and eventually make that decision to enter into the seminary. Search for that support of the Church at whatever school you attend. I know many have Catholic Student Centers.

As I know, at least my group experienced was that when we fell back and were caught. We also learned that that we were able to trust in our peers, that we were able to trust our classmates who were there to catch us if we fell. I hope you can find that same trust and support when you move on from Ascension. May we trust that God to is there for us as our guide and our protector. May God guard and protect our seniors as they make those next important steps in their lives.

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