Some Notes from Deacon Tim

Origins of Divine Mercy Sunday

We have been celebrating Divine Mercy for nine weeks now, and have reached its conclusion on this Divine Mercy Sunday. However, Divine Mercy Sunday is a relatively new celebration. The origin of the image of Divine Mercy came to us through a Saint. Saint Faustina Kowalska was born in Poland which is the same country St. John Paul II was born.  Later in her young life Saint Faustina joined the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy. Her full religious name was Sister Maria Faustina Kowalska of the Blessed Sacrament; we now call her Saint Faustina. Jesus came to her in a vision. He told her that he was the King of Mercy and was wearing a white robe with rays of red and white coming from his heart. Eventually, a painting was made based on her vision. Saint Faustina was named a Saint in 2000, and in this same year the Church decided to make the Sunday after Easter or the Octave of Easter as Divine Mercy Sunday. We still celebrate it to this day.

The Octave of Easter.

The Octave of Easter was mentioned above.. You may have heard this term before or maybe it is new to you. Twice a year the Church celebrates one feast for eight days. We celebrate the Solemnity of the Nativity of Our Lord or Christmas for eight days. That ends with the Solemnity of Holy Mary Mother of God. Secondly, we celebrate the Solemnity of Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord or Easter! Typically at daily Mass there is no Gloria except on essential feasts of the Church, but all this week the Gloria is said at Mass.

My Ordination is less than a month away!

I’ve mentioned this before but my ordination is May 25th– just less than a month away! I want to let everyone know that you are all invited to come to the ordination. It will be at 10 am at St. Joseph Cathedral in downtown Baton Rouge. Bishop Duca will ordain John Vu and me. John Vu is the brother of Joseph Vu who was a priest here a couple of years ago and now serves as pastor in Napoleonville.  You don’t need a ticket to come to this event as it is open to the public, and you are highly encouraged to attend! I would recommend you arrive early to make sure you can get a spot. In the past, it has been packed to the point where some had to stand in the back the entire Mass. I am planning to say mass here at Ascension and St. Francis soon after my ordination. As soon as those plans are finalized, I will let you know that information.

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